HayGrazer - slow feeder kinder than a hay net

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for half price entry to any online dressage competitions. 

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Cheaper alternative than plastic hay containers, much easier easy to fill hang and carry.

Extra strong material

The NEW HAYGRAZER material is better than ever with is double sided anti rip coating. It is now easily washed down, doesnt smell like other material even when used for soaking hay and withstands being hung up next to rough or uneven surfaces. This material is the same material often used for bouncy castles and marquees being very tough and easily cleaned.

The HayGrazer has no netting making it safer and stronger

The webbing holds its shape, doesn't tangle or cut like nets. Also by having no knots is kinder on your horses upper and lower lips.

The webbing is hard to pull away with its  be pulled away from the bag like Netted HayBags giving it a lot longer life.

A must have for Soaking Hay

The mesh at the bottom allows the water and dust fall through keeping the hay intact. Colours do not fade or run.

Ideal for Slow Feeding

The top completely shuts so horses cannot get the hay out of the top like other brands and is available in different hole sizes. The premium bag is the optimum hole size, not to small the horse gets frustrated and cant get to the last few bits but small enough to make the hay last longer (same amount of time as a slow feed hay net).