5 Steps to keep your horse more active in the stable

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ITS SNOWING!!! and many horses are being kept in and cant be ridden so below are 5 great ways to keep your horse more active in the stable. LIKE and SHARE to keep horses active.

Improve flexibility, muscle development and mental stimulation.


STEP 1- Ball feeders, Likit products and the HayGrazer Play move and make the horse stretch and turn their necks in all different positions the horse will switch between using them and create a wide range of movements some are on…/some-of-the-stretches-horse-have-b…
If you haven't got time to ride even 10 minutes of stretching not only creates a bond between you and your horse but breaks the boredom up and will really improve his flexibility and improve his riding.


STEP 2- Tie your HayGrazer up opposite to the door, horses are nosy and you will find he will take a few bites then walk to the door to have a look. This will also help slow his eating down.

STEP 3- Place two HayGrazers up - horses naturally don't eat in one area, it would be great if they did the fields wouldn't get a churned up but they don't! So by placing two HayGrazers up your horse will walk form one to the other.


STEP 4- Using Carrots and other treats so your horse has to use his senses to find them (Likit Products and i like to use the ball feeders with chopper carrots in are ideal)

STEP 5- Hang the HayGrazer Play with a long rope either at the side or if you can suspended in the stable this will mean the Play moves and the horse has to look for the holes to get the hay out, this is very mentally stimulating.

See our other post to view the stretches horses do whilst eating from the play 

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