Have you checked your horses teeth?

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With small holed haynets horse take a mouthful grabbing the net as well as the hay and therefore stopping as much hay coming out. Trouble is this constant tugging causes holes and with string getting stronger and stronger is this really doing your horse teeth and muscles any good? They werent naturally built to pull at hard objects there teeth they were designed to pull up grass not tough nylon string and there is reason we stopped using metal grids.

So whats the solution?

Using larger holed haynets, plastic tubs or webbing rather than string nets. The webbing type bags are so thick if the horse grabs it they get no hay so soon learn to eat between the webbing.

The HayGrazer Play is a webbing bag cleverly designed to also slow your horse down eating using movement rather than small holes. The way the holes are arranged mimics grazing and with recent studies showing it to reduce frustration and slow the horse down more than a 1 inch hay net it does seem a better solution. It has also been observed that it gets the horse doing desired stretches and reduces ripping action improving muscle development.

So could using movement rather than small holed hay nets be the future to improve horse wealthfair? comment below.


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Fiona Dolan
Fiona Dolan My boy loves his haygrazer play!! Much easier than a net. Need to save up for another!
Gail Peet-Jones
Gail Peet-Jones My mare has quite bad wear on her front teeth from small holed haynets and restricted grazing!! I was lucky enough to win a haygrazer and can honestly sat its fab!!????

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