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  1. With small holed haynets horse take a mouthful grabbing the net as well as the hay and therefore stopping as much hay coming out. Trouble is this constant tugging causes holes and with string getting stronger and stronger is this really doing your horse teeth and muscles any good? They werent naturally built to pull at hard objects there teeth they were designed to pull up grass not tough nylon string and there is reason we stopped using metal grids.

    So whats the solution?

    Using larger holed haynets, plastic tubs or webbing rather than string nets. The webbing type bags are so thick if the horse grabs it they get no hay so soon learn to eat between the webbing.

    The HayGrazer Play is a webbing bag cleverly designed to also slow your horse down eating using movement rather than small holes. The way the holes are arranged mimics grazing and with recent studies showing it to reduce frustration and slow the horse down more than a 1 inch hay net it does seem a better solution. It has also been observed that it gets the horse doing desired stretches and reduces ripping action improving muscle development.

    So could using movement rather than small holed hay nets be the future to improve horse wealthfair? comment below.


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    Fiona Dolan
    Fiona Dolan My boy loves his haygrazer play!! Much easier than a net. Need to save up for another!
    Gail Peet-Jones
    Gail Peet-Jones My mare has quite bad wear on her front teeth from small holed haynets and restricted grazing!! I was lucky enough to win a haygrazer and can honestly sat its fab!!????
  2. PLEASE SHARE & ANY ADVICE TO SURVIVE THIS COLD WEATHER PLEASE COMMENT BELOW - we are all open to good ideas to get through the next few days


    Even in the cold weather horses drink 5ltrs to every 100kg of body weight so don't let your water freeze.

    TOP TIP - Fill a bottle up with hot salty water and leave this unopened in the water bucket like the picture below.

    SOAKING HAY in Sub-Zero weather 
    If you are soaking for dust allergies you may be able to use something like a HayGrazer so you dont get those dust clouds you get from a hay net, but if you are really unfortunate and having to soak for long periods put a cup of salt in the bucket of water so when you return the haynet isnt frozen and the bit of salt will encourage drinking the water.

    Hard feed doesnt produce warmth like digesting high fibre feeds such as hay but tbh i feel sorry for them so ive been feeding a little extra but double the amount of hay i usually do.

    A little stretch and a roll in the hay is all i would recommend in this weather with the bitter winds given the choice your horse will probably want to come in. Any boredom breakers are great i have the Carrot Ball from Equine Innovations and HayGrazer Play with more carrots in although they were all frozen this morning so now have a massive bag in my kitchen bf thinks im mad.

    Whats everyone else doing to survive the cold weather? Comment below any good ideas welcome :)

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