Frequently Asked Questions

Can I soak hay in it?

Yes you certainly can! Both the HayGrazer Bag and Play are made of materials that are suitable to be submerged in water. With the mesh bottoms the water and dust drains out

How much hay do they hold?

HayGrazer Bag - approx 7kg hay

HayGrazer Play - approx. 4.5kg hay

How small are the holes?

The HayGrazer Bag has holes 3.25" x 2" making it similar to a slow feed or haylage net

The HayGrazer Play has two different size holes. Tops are 2"x3" and the bottoms are 1.5"x1.5"

Can they be used for Haylage?

Yes they can - you can actually fit a WHOLE bag of haylege in the HayGrazer Bags!

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