Delivery to mainland UK 50p till September 2017 then will increase to £2.50. Overseas deliveries please see table. 

How do I attach my rope to my HayGrazer Play?

Is it ideal for soaking hay in?

Yes it is great uses a lot less water than a traditional hay net as the sides keep the water flowing through the hay and out of the mesh bottom.

How much hay does the HayGrazer Play and HayGrazer Bag hold?

HayGrazer Play about 4.5kg from a round bail of hay.

HayGrazer Bag about 7kg from a round bail of hay.

What are the hole sizes?

The HayGrazer Bag has holes 3.25 x 2 inch making it simular to a slow feed or haylage hay net.

The HayGrazer Play has top holes 2 x 3 inch a slow feed system then the bottom holes a 1.5 x 2 a trickle feed system. As the HayGrazer Play empties the holes get smaller and hard to find the hay but still able to get every last bit out. Your horse can be slowed down further by letting the HayGrazer swing and twist meaning the horse has to search for the holes.

How do I hang the HayGrazer Play?

Can the HayGrazer's be used for Haylage?

Yes it can