HayGrazer Play - Trickle haynet and slow feeder, Prevent and manage Laminitis, Colic, small holed hay net, Weight controlĀ and boredom

The HayGrazer Play has been designed in such away to slow your horse down eating whilst reducing frustration, muscle damage and teeth damage.

How does it slow my horse down whilst reducing frustration?

The top holes are 3 inch x 1 inch this is a slow feed the bottom holes are 1.6 x 1.6 inch. This means your horse when its hungry and naturally more anxious they will be able to eat the first couple of kg of the hay slower than a standard hay net but quick enough not to cause frustration. Then once they have eaten this and not as hungry they can pick at the further few kg of hay making it last longer reduce stomach unclears and boredom.

How is the webbing kinder on there teeth and muscles?

The horse learns to eat between the webbing rather than taking a large mouthful and string stopping the hay coming out. The horse will try this for the first few minutes and will soon learn the webbing is too thick and they end up with no hay.


Recent research is showing the HayGrazer Play also reduces frustration and the use of movment might be a much better way of slow feeding. 


The new material and metal clips are so strong we have included the break point within the rope loop. The safety rope has a break point of 75kg this can be hung directly to a metal ring but rather than breaking the rope it is still better for the string to break. If this happens now worries just send it back to us and we will re glue the loop and get it back to you the same week. 

Please see our FAQS for how to hang your HayGrazer Play video

This makes the play more suitable for playful horses and ponies, goats and horned sheep we would not recommend the HayGrazer Bag type. 


With every HayGrazer Play you will receive a 20 page interactive weight control workbook for you to use to help your good-doer lose weight kindly produced by Baileys Horse Feeds. 

We know loosing weights tough but this might just help!It incorporates sections on:Weighing Body Condition Scoring Management tips on forage, exercise and feeding Money-off vouchers for Baileys Horse Feeds. 

You simply write in your horse's name and then start recording Body Condition and Cresty Neck Scores, plus annotating diagrams on the presence of any fat over time, complete with sections to complete on your planned exercise, forage and diet regimes.