The Play

Why choose The Play?

Slows Feeding


The top holes are 3" x 2" - This creates a slow feeder

The bottom holes are 1.5" x 1.5" - This creates a trickle feeder

The bag will move round as the horse searches for food - encouraging movement in the stable

Kinder on teeth & muscles


Your horse will learn to use their lips and pick the hay out between the webbing.

This helps prevent any biting and yanking motion a normal net would create causing teeth and neck issues

New & Improved Design

Our HayGrazer Play bags are now made with a stronger, thicker material which is also frost, tear and rot resistant! 

The webbing has been made thicker and stronger as well as the mesh bottoms. 

The metal D rings have been made stronger and an easy to replace safety rope has been used.

The new material and metal clips are so strong we have included the break point within the rope loop. The safety rope has a break point of 75kg.


How To Hang Your Play

Watch The Play In Use

Benefits of using The Play

The HayGrazer Play can  be used in multiple ways for many different reasons!

*Hang in the stable against a wall - this will still slow your horse down compared to a normal hay net and also be better for their teeth and muscles

*Hang in the middle of the stable - this will take your horse a little longer to eat the hay. It's ideal as a boredom breaker and for horses on box rest

*Use to soak your hay - fill your Play with hay, place a hose in the top and soak! All of the water & dust will run out of the mesh bottom.

*Tie to a fence in the field to provide a source of hay in the winter (or even summer!) keeping it dry from rain and stopping exess mess and wastage

*Use in the trailer or horsebox - ideal to keep your horse grazing on their journey. It is very easy to adjust your clip and rope so you can easily move the bag from inside to outside

*The HayGrazer Play isn't only a great product for horses - you can also use them to keep your goats and pigs happy too!